Global Fundraising Services is one company of Cobra Group of Companies, working in partnership with Appco Group Support (also part of Cobra Group). GFS is responsible to provide customised solutions to Charity clients, although my role here is strict to digital solutions. 

One project that I'm proud of is the digital leaflet and acquisition form, which came as an idea to replace loads of papers, reducing print costs, carrying weight, timing to release and input failing when filling the forms. 

This application was built over a CMS platform where people from the staff can easily customise the solution by changing background, colour scheme and logo. Some further customisation is needed sometimes but the biggest challenge was achieved when we made non technical employees ready to manage the campaigns. 

Below you can see some of our clients and the generic version of the product, version we've used during the quality assurance.

Axure version - First version used internally for proofing flow and content

Axure version - First version used internally for proofing flow and content


Once agreed, the charity shares their brand guideline and I manage the first setup, showing them a mockup of the final product. Its like dressing the structure. The first 2 slides show the concept of the campaign while the agent also explain how it works and how they get paid, then it comes the form. 

Before this digital solution, the agents use to carry loads of forms, manually filled up which has more room to fail as its not online validated and relied on human processes, first filling the form and also when it reached the office doing the migration from the papers to the system. Below is the result after the first quarter and how much profit it generated by the end of the first year.  

Prototype 2017/2