About me


am a 12 years experienced professional, specialised in digital project management and design. I plan and develop solutions for services / products, sorting costumers' needs and company's goals. My passion for technology allows me to work closer to IT, giving me an amplified vision of the whole development process, from the concept and documentation, to strategical releases and maintenance. Working with e-Commerce I implemented strategies to improve user experience and conversion rate, using Google Analytics stats, data from consumer behaviour in virtual stores, applying MVT/AB tests, analysing heat maps to find the best solutions on how to show prices and call to actions. With an early start in SEO practices (on page and code), I managed campaigns and products portfolio, stablished media kits to monetise spaces (PPC) and improved email marketing procedures.

Working with portal websites, I developed and applied brand guidelines, improved loading performance (proofed by Google Page Speed), organised the information architecture and SEO tasks as sitemap, meta tags, titles, heads, link rel, page contents, URL structure and CTR.

In digital services, I was part in the development of solutions that helped the business save millions from call center calls. Through immersive usability tests, allied to my UX skills, I was allowed to develop intuitive flows, leading to the project goals.

In multi platforms services I have developed responsive websites, using different approaches to tweak the content in many different displays and how to adapt navigation flow in small screen devices. Through the years I also improved my knowledge in how to use features like geo location, navigational cookies and header enrichment to offer suitable advertising.